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All 4 Down Syndrome

Abu Dhabi
050 880 9228

Autism Support Network

Abu Dhabi

facebook: Autism Support - Abu Dhabi

Bosom Buddies – Breast cancer support

Abu Dhabi
050 668 7815

Chatterbox – The speech and hearing network

Abu Dhabi
055 642 5060
facebook: ChatterboxNetwork

Ewa’s – Shelters for Women and Children

Abu Dhabi
02 558 4812

Footprints in the Sand – For neo-natal death support

Abu Dhabi

facebook: footprintsinthesanduae

Goals UAE – Providing sports for special needs

Abu Dhabi
050 462 5700

Just Special Abu Dhabi – For families with special needs children

Abu Dhabi

facebook: JUSTSPECIAL - Abu Dhabi

OCD Support Group

Abu Dhabi
02 697 9999 or 800 2276

Out Of The Blues – For Post Natal Illness Support

Abu Dhabi

facebook: Out of the Blues

Parent ADHD Support Group

Abu Dhabi
02 697 9999

Special Families Support Group

Abu Dhabi

facebookSFS - Special Families Support Group

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