5 MINUTES WITH: Alessandro Redaelli, the General Manager of Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers

Alessandro Redaelli of Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers

The Italian hotelier loves the simple joys of living in Abu Dhabi

Tell us a little bit about yourself


I’m Alessandro, and I’ve been passionate about hospitality for over two decades. When I’m not immersed in the world of hotels, you’ll find me enjoying precious moments with my wife, Larissa, and our beloved dog, Gioia. Whether we’re taking leisurely strolls through the neighborhood or tackling cycling trails, it’s these simple joys that truly enrich our lives.

Growing up in a large Italian family, I’ve always been drawn to nurturing relationships and fostering connections. This innate love for socialising and caring for others aligns perfectly with my career in hospitality.


How and when did you move here, and what inspired the move?


Larissa and I made the move to Abu Dhabi three years ago, following several years of working across the UAE in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah.

The opportunity to join one of the most iconic properties in the city felt like a natural progression for us, given Abu Dhabi’s status as the country’s capital. Since then, we’ve been immersing ourselves in the vibrant culture and dynamic lifestyle here.


How has living in Abu Dhabi shaped your sense of belonging and community?


Living here has deepened my sense of belonging and community, noticing the pride and longevity of residents. Abu Dhabi fosters inclusivity and unity among its diverse population, making it a welcoming home for everyone.


What is your favourite thing about the emirate and why?


For me, one of the greatest advantages of Abu Dhabi is its role as a travel hub, which makes it incredibly easy for my family to visit whenever they please.

Additionally, the city’s diverse cultural landscape creates the perfect environment for nurturing friendships. Abu Dhabi warmly welcomes both locals and expatriates, fostering a sense of inclusivity that encourages the development of meaningful connections.

Moreover, I must confess that as an Italian, I’m a huge fan of Formula 1. So living in the city that hosts the F1 finale is definitely a fantastic perk.


A myth about Abu Dhabi that you would like to bust


Abu Dhabi isn’t just about luxury; it’s about opportunity and inclusivity. The city thrives on its strong sense of community, offering chances for everyone to succeed regardless of background.


Could you share a memorable moment when you felt the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Abu Dhabi community in your own life?


One standout moment reflecting the warmth and inclusivity of both the Abu Dhabi community and our hotel was our coffee morning for employees from the SEDRA Foundation and their mothers.

This event underscored our dedication to diversity and inclusion, providing opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds in the hospitality industry. The overwhelming support from our team and the community was humbling, highlighting the impact of kindness and inclusivity. It reinforced our hotel’s role in shaping experiences and lives.

Following this event, The Hilton Global Foundation (HGF) announced a commitment of USD $250,000 to the SEDRA Foundation, furthering our collective efforts to make a positive impact in our communities.


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Image credit Alessandro Redaelli

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